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Gas Tiki Torches


Our tiki torches,  consisting of high quality copper cones,  Malama styles and other custom torces,  have been a staple in Hawaii for many years. The cone torch needs no explanation,  but if you're looking something equally as beautiful and unique,  please see our Malama or Flower gas tiki toches. Hand-crafted in stainless steel and copper to withstand Hawaii's salt air,  these torches bring the romance of Hawai`i to your home or business.  Each torch is an individual work of art created by various artists throughout Hawaii.  Beachside Lighting and Ko'ahi Systems have worked in conjunction with these artists to create these functional,  and very beautiful,  natural or LP gas tiki torches.  Also, all of our torches come with the ability to be automated, which means they can be turned on/off with a push of a button.  Please inquire about more details.

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