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Why should I automate my decorative fire?
    Safety – In the event your fire feature goes out, and the system is unable to relight it due to adverse weather conditions, an automatic shutoff sequence will be triggered, preventing dangerous pooling of gas.
    Convenience – With an automated solution, the need to manually light your decorative fire features is eliminated.  You have the ability to turn on your fire features singly, or all at once, and our Continuous Relight technology keeps them lit, preserving the tropical feel that you invested so much to produce.
    Aesthetics – Our automation components are ingeniously incorporated into the head unit of your decorative fire features, meaning that there are no unsightly junction boxes or exposed wiring to detract from the ambiance you have created.
    Cost Savings – With an automated fire feature solution from Ko’ahi for your home or business, you stand to save a tremendous amount of money compared to our competitors who charge double and even triple what our system costs.  Additionally, an automated system saves you money in the long term by allowing you to program the length of time each feature stays lit. 
What do you mean by automated decorative fire?
When we talk of automated fire, we mean any type of gas-powered decorative fire feature which is controlled by a remote switch. In addition to the ability to turn on the fire features remotely, our automated fire feature system will automatically relight in the event the fire goes out.
What makes your system better than others?
Our system has several distinct advantages over competing systems:
Igniter – To begin, we use a hot surface igniter to light our fire features, as opposed to the direct spark igniters commonly found on automated systems. This type of igniter is specifically made for outdoor use, unlike direct spark igniters.
Size – Our automation components are so small that they can be fit into practically any type of application, from the smallest fire bowl to the narrowest torch pipe.
Ease of installation – In addition to the gas line, the only lines that are necessary for our system to work are two low voltage wires. Once those are hooked up, the system is practically ready to go.
Can your products operate on natural gas and liquid propane?
Yes. All of our products can be equpuiped with both gases. Please check for your specific needs before ordering.
How do you turn these fire features on?
The simple answer is, anyway you want. From a simple light switch to integration into your home automation system, our products are extremely flexible and can accomodate all systems. Please contact us for your specific needs.
Can we install your products ourselves? Who would you recommend?
It is possible to install our products yourselves, as we can provide you with the relevant installation manual, but in order to take full advantage of our limited warranty, we recommend that you have our products installed by a certified and approved installer. For a list of recommended installers/technicians, please contact us to provide us with your location and project requirements.
Is the automated portion of your fire features UL approved?
No. Due to the fact that the module for our automated fire features operates on 24 volts, UL certification is not required. Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) only approves appliances that require 50 volts or more of electrical power to operate.
Is it safe? Are these products certified?
Yes. Our module holds the following certifications:
IAS Design Certified by the American Gas Association. C2030017
ANS Z21.20, Automatic Ignition Systems
ANS Z21.35CAN1-6.8, Gas Filters
ANS Z21.78, Combination Gas Controls
If a flame is extinguished, do I have to turn the device off and then back on again? How does this work?
It is unnecessary to turn the device off and then on again, as our system uses Continuous Relight technology, which, in the event the fire goes out, will attempt to relight itself. If there are three unsuccessful relight attempts, the system will shut itself down, and it will be necessary to initiate the lighting sequence again, by turning the system on.
Do you offer custom made torches, fire pits, etc?
Yes. We work with many talented artist who know the design specifications for our technology. Please contact us for their information.
How many BTUs does your RC Module supply for fire bowls?
Our regular RC Module will supply 200,000 BTUs per hour. This is more than enough for normal applications. In the event that you require more than 200,000 BTUs, you can order an add-on to the regular RC Module, which will allow for up to 475,000 BTUs per hour. This is a custom add on, and will take an additional 2-4 weeks to deliver.
We've seen other products that cost two or three times what you're advertising, how are you able to keep prices so low?
All of our parts are made in the USA, and we do our best to keep prices low by sourcing many of our automation components locally, and by assembling our systems here in the Islands. We are committed to keeping custom fire features affordable, to allow a greater number of people to enjoy them.
Do you have contractor pricing?
Yes, although we do require a contractors license number to issue this discount. Please sign up for an account before you place your order so we can track your purchases and award you with the proper discount. Once you hit a target level we will issue you a discount code that you can input at check out. Target levels are based on cumulative purchases and not per order, allowing you to reap the benefits even if your clients don't buy in bulk. Please contact us for tiered pricing structure.
I'm an artist who creates custom fire features. Could I get my pieces automated?
Absolutely. If you wish to offer automation in your fire features, we can create a custom assembly for your art pieces. You would need to provide us with a detailed schematic of your artwork, after which we would give you a personalized quote to automate the piece.
Can you retro-fit my existing decorative fire features and make them automated?
Yes. In general, any type of decorative fire feature can be retro-fitted to be automated, provided that there is access to open trenching, or the ability to dig the requisite trenches to lay the control and power wires